Production Solutions:


Moving to production should not require reinventing recipes made in the lab. VMI’s medium and large capacity equipment offers the same movements, features, and user friendliness found in the lab units. VMI’s design philosophy is based on repeatability, efficiency, safety, and cleanliness, giving operators full autonomy in the design of innovative recipes ready for production.



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Customer Testimonial:

  • In 2015, Aloe Vera continued investments in the USA by implementing a multi-production platform by VMI to stay at the top of manufacturing best practices.




Lab/Pilot Solutions:

VMI's design concept is to create a lab tool that gives chemists the ability to generate new products that can be tested in the lab and moved to production without making large adjustments to recipes, providing scalability for the manufacturer.


Instead of using dated standards, VMI uses reversibility and recreation to drive the design of each product, through simple single agitation and open-air vessels, to injecting powders under vacuum directly into the vortex.


In short, VMI will give you the capability to create and test new ideas, while providing you flexibility to seamlessly move your recipe into a pilot or production stage.



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