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VMI Rayneri offers you first-in-class mixing and agitating solutions geared  to cosmetics, pharmaceutical,  and food manufacturers.


VMI products are designed around your process.  Helping your create recipes in the lab and bringing those same recipes out to your production department. Safe, Efficient, Reliable. We have your entire R&D and Production in mind. Open-air and vacuum - laboratory  to large-production  installations.


As VMI's exclusive  distributor for the United States and Canadian markets, Interex is  charged with introducing vacuum mixing technologies that have become standards for European liquid cosmetic  manufacturers.





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  • Scalability

    • Trimix vessel is scalable - Systematic design across the range of vessels: vessel geometry, tool design and usage
    • 3 tools mixing vessel:
      • R/S with induction
      •  Anchor
      • Central pumping blades
    • Vacuum and pressure vessel
    • Double jacketed: allows heating and cooling of product inside the vessel
    • Full controls: Tools, temperature, vacuum/pressure, recipes
    • Integrated CIP
    • Single vessel or Platform approach
  • Lab & Pilot

    VMI's offers a complete R&D and pilot solutions designed with formulators and small batch producers  in mind. Last year, VMI released the Multilab and the market has been very receptive. The 4th generation Turbotest was also release last year, the Turbotest EVO,  with more power and safety features. Yet uses the same tools  and accessories as the previous generation avoiding additional investment.


    In short, VMI will give you the capability to create and test new ideas, while providing you flexibility to seamlessly move your recipe into a pilot or production stage

  • Production

    Moving to production should not require reinventing recipes made in the lab. VMI’s medium and large capacity equipment offers the same movements, features, and user friendliness found in the lab units. VMI’s design philosophy is based on repeatability, efficiency, safety, and cleanliness, giving operators full autonomy in the design of innovative recipes ready for production.

  • Bottom Line - TRIMIX

    • Consistent and reproducible product manufacturing; using the recipe system, same results every time for production and cleaning (CIP/SIP)
    • Faster production:
      • Short heating and cooling times ( 1C per minute)
      •  Efficient ingredient induction
      •  higher vessel turnover
    • More efficient use of ingredients/utilities: use less ingredients, higher product yield, lower energy usage
    • Consistent and validatable cleaning: fast, efficient, lower water requirements.
    • Profitable: consistent less time, less ingredients usage, faster production and cleaning time means a higher contribution to your bottom line




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