Filamatic’s monobloc system is a multiple-application platform which can be configured to handle various products. It can be equipped to support a wide range of filling systems, capping equipment, electrical controls, & labeling systems.  These systems use servo control to prove a simple and cost-effect method to assemble your products.



table/bench top expandable solution


Mini-Monobloc Fill/Finish System:

  • Ideal for small batch production
  • Small footprint
  • Easily moved/portable
  • Fill, tip, cap capability

MNB-XT High-Speed Monobloc Fill & Finish System:

  • Up to 100 containers per minute
  • Servo controlled functions
  • HEPA air filtration option
  • Automatic container feeding

Fusion2™ Filling & Capping Monobloc:

- Highest precision/most advanced pumps driven by individual servo motors

- High flexibility

- All stainless steel construction

- Recipe driven changeover

- Bottom-up filling, locate filling, & static filling



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